Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Reynolds Arts Student ProfileMeet Kathrine Ramos

Have you always been interested in art or did you discover your talent and passion later?
I've always loved art, but just recently decided I wanted to make it my career path.

What is your area of study at Reynolds?
 I’m a liberal arts major hoping to move to a 4-year institution to study sequential art.

What is your favorite medium? 
My favorite medium is digital because there are so many possibilities.

How does your art express your feelings and attitudes?
I like to use my art to express my emotions in a way that can be interpreted many different ways by the viewer. I like when different people get different feelings when looking at my art.

What would you like to do with your art background in the future?
The dream is to do character design or comic illustration, but any job that has me in an artistic environment will fit me well.

What advice would you give other students interested in studying art at Reynolds?
My advice is never give up and be open to criticism! I attribute a lot of my artistic growth to my openness to criticism. Anyone can create great art, you just have to keep going no matter what bumps you find in the road!