Friday, July 26, 2019

Reynolds Phi Beta Lambda Students Win National Awards

Left to right: Gina Borrero,  Brenley Bertozzi,Thomas Green,  
President Pando, Hari Chatlani, Jack Oppenheim

Derek Henderson
Reynolds has always had one of the most active PBL Gold Key Chapters in the state of Virginia. But, in 2017, our chapter achieved third place standing in the state of Virginia just behind University of Virginia and Virginia Tech.

This year our chapter members' successes went beyond the state and regional levels . . . this year our students went on to win national awards. Our PBL winners were: Brenley Bertozzi - 10th place in Computer Concepts; Derek Henderson 8th place in Hospitality Management; and Hari Chatlani 3rd place in Help Desk AND 6th place in Computer Concepts. 

Student Life Specialist Jackie Manley traveled to San Antonio with the students to accept their awards. She had this to say about the trip:

"The conference was amazing, I feel very privileged that I was chosen to go on this trip with this amazing group of students and experience their excitement after winning their awards.

But I feel as if we should mention Maison Collawn, a student who flew out there [San Antonio] with his mom to cheer on his fellow club members. Maison was there for every competition to cheer on his fellow club members. I wish we had more students like Maison who show a great deal of passion for Phi Beta Lambda." 

* * *

Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) is the largest student organization in the world with over a quarter million members. It is the premier organization for students preparing for careers in business.

The primary purpose of the organization is to encourage excellent leadership. PBL each year sponsors competitions in about 40 different business areas. Students from both 4-year institutions and community colleges compete for scholarship prizes at the national level. Most of these competitions are sponsored by major corporations in the United States, i.e. Amazon, Walmart, Walt Disney, Verizon, etc.