Monday, March 26, 2012

Reynolds celebrates Women’s History Month

The JSRCC Multicultural Enrichment Council recently presented “Empowerment: Connecting the Past, Present and Future” in celebration of Women’s History Month. Keynote speaker Cassandra D. Emery, Executive Director/CEO, YWCA of Richmond, set the tone for the day by providing a powerful opening message to the audience.
Lunch was followed by two lively panel discussions. The first panel featured Cheryl Hicks, author, historian and associate professor at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Sindy Benavides, political director for the Northern Virginia Senatorial Campaign, and Tonya Mallory, CEO, Health Diagnostics Laboratory, Inc.
“Understanding the past is a good way to judge the future,” noted Hicks. “Ask for advice and guidance from people you respect, and act as if you don’t know everything. There are people out there that want to help you and you can learn from.”
“While shaping our thoughts, sometimes we are enemies of our own self, and criticize our own self too much,” said Benavides. “As women, we need to find the confidence and move forward.”
Sindy Benavides

The second panel featured students Carolyn Hajeck (JSRCC), Alexis Rodgers (Virginia Commonwealth University) and Shakeena Pierce (University of Richmond). They each shared stories of overcoming obstacles, inspirational mentors and plans for the future. The program was emceed by CBS 6 co-anchor Reba Hollingsworth and concluded with a performance by The Jazz Ladies.

Advance College Academy makes first visit to Reynolds

“J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College…..A World of Opportunity” – that was the sound of the Advance College Academy (ACA) students showing their JSRCC spirit during their first visit to the College’s Parham Road Campus.

The ACA consists of Henrico County Public School students who are in a newly designed program that allows them to obtain an Associate of Science degree in Social Science, in partnership with Reynolds, during their last two years of high school. The Class of 2015 will begin taking Reynolds courses in summer 2013.

“We thought it was very important for the students to visit the campus and especially the library,” noted Dr. Miles McCrimmon, JSRCC Professor of English, who is helping to coordinate the ACA. “These students are some of the brightest in the Henrico County Public School system and it is important for them to see and learn how to use the many resources available to them.”

During the visit, Reynolds librarian Hong Wu gave the students a tour of the College’s library, demonstrating how to research topics through electronic means and how to find current materials physically located in the library.

“I was very impressed by the group of students,” added Wu. “They showed great interest in the research materials and asked some great questions. I hope to see them all in our library as they continue with the program.”

Following the tour of the library, the students engaged in a discussion of “art in our society” and spent time expressing their thoughts on paper during an open writing assignment.

After their visit to Reynolds, they traveled to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts where they received a personal tour and enjoyed lunch on the lawn.

“After seven months, it is very exciting to see how these students are progressing through the Academy,” said McCrimmon. “Their enthusiasm for Reynolds, the Academy, and their fellow students continues to impress us all.”