Monday, October 8, 2018

Have your fossils ever had a check up? Now is the time!

Earth Science Week is Sunday, October 14 to Saturday October 20. While this special week may not get a government or banking holiday, it is a very special event for scientists, and a great opportunity for them to share fascinating aspects of their knowledge and work. Each day of Earth Science Week has a particular focus. 

For example, Wednesday, October 17 is National Fossil Day. To celebrate the day, Reynolds Science Club invites you to bring in your fossils for a "check up" by Reynolds resident Paleontologist and Professor of Geology, Dr. Karen Layou. The Club is also hosting a fantastic display of fossils. 

Fossils. In Virginia?

And, what fossils might you find in Virginia? pelecypods, brachiopods, ferns, coral, trilobites, skolithos, and shark teeth and whale bones (yes, shark teeth and whale bones!). Pictured here: the Virginia state fossil, Chesapecten jeffersonius.

“I don’t know anyone who isn’t attracted to fossils on some level. They represent these former worlds, windows into Earth’s past—they can tell us a lot about where the planet has been and where it’s headed. So many people have at least one or two fossils sitting on a desk or rattling around in a drawer at home—bring ‘em in!  I would love to take a look and see if I can share some of that fossil’s story with you!”

Even if you don't have a fossil to get checked, stop by the table to learn more about these ancient remains.

The Science Club display and fossil check up will be in the Burnette Hall Commons on the Parham Road Campus from 11 a.m. to Noon on Wednesday, October 17.