Friday, September 28, 2018

Reynolds Student Leaders Meet Reynolds New Leader:

Reynolds Student Leadership Fall Retreat

September 22 was a perfect end-of-summer day, and it was a Saturday. But, instead of hanging with friends, this group of students came to campus early, and they came to campus ready to work. 

These students are Reynolds leaders, and this is their fall team building retreat. Even if the weather is perfect and it's a Saturday, they are all in, and they are all here.

Twenty-two students - leaders of Reynolds leadership groups: Student Senate, JSR Lead, PTK officers and Student Ambassadors - came together with the goal of building relationships across their "borders" and talking about what it means to be leaders on campus. 

They spent the morning outside (they did get to enjoy the beautiful weather) working through low ropes team building activities. Afterwards, inside, they were joined by Dr. Pando who spoke about her vision for the college and gave the students a chance to ask questions and have open dialog. Dr. Wendy Bolt also stopped by to spend some time with these leaders.

The group wrapped up their retreat by taking a professional competency assessment with the goal of helping them identify areas where they need to concentrate their energy on development.  

At a time when the entire Reynolds community is working through this period of transition, student leader Grace Swal noted that there is an intense excitement about what will come. "Students have heard about, and read about, Dr. Pando. They are anxious to see what will happen here." Grace found Dr. Pando incredibly approachable and accessible, and was impressed that the "President" would invite students to come to see her and tell her what was on their minds.

Of the retreat, Grace had this to say, "It was good to be among like-minded students. It was good to find them, and spend time with them."

No wonder they all showed up on a beautiful September Saturday. 

No wonder there are so many smiling faces in the picture.