Wednesday, May 22, 2019

What's Cooking in The Kitchens at Reynolds this Summer

Building Update
The building that will house the Kitchens at Reynolds in the Church Hill area of Richmond is really taking shape. All the exterior concrete walls have been poured, and the large openings in those walls are awaiting the delivery of the curtain wall/glass systems. The floor slabs have been poured on all four levels of the building. The only concrete slabs remaining to be poured are some of the roof areas.

As you go within the walls of the building, you will see several of the interior systems taking shape. The erection of metal stud framing for the interior partitions is in progress on every floor. Permanent stairs are only in place between the first and second floors. Access to other floors is only by means of temporary stairs. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are well underway. Mechanical ducts and air handler units are being hung from the underside of the floor slabs. Conduit lines are being routed overhead in the above ceiling spaces and within the metal stud framing. Electrical cable is also being routed from the electrical panels into the conduits throughout the building. There is a vast network of hot water, cold water and sprinkler pipes being installed.  The building is becoming the wonderful facility it was designed to be! 

Building Update courtesy of John Mitchell, Senior Project Manager | CBRE | HEERY; Aerial photo courtesy of Horrigan.

Sneak preview of the building interior taken during a hard hat tour: