Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Meet Chad Taylor
Operations Manager
Julian’s Coffee Shop-Parham Road Campus

How long have you worked for Reynolds?
I have worked at Reynolds exactly 5 years

Where have you worked since you have been here?
I started as Assistant Store Manager at the Reynolds Campus Store on the Parham Road Campus, and became the Cafe Manager of Julian's Coffee Shop one year ago when we opened.

What do you like most about your new space and Julian’s?
I love the students and faculty who visit us on a regular basis. Its been wonderful getting to know people, we have a lot of friendly faces here! 

What is the most unusual request you have had while working in the coffee shop?
We have a student who orders an "every flavor" milkshake.... its vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, chocolate, mint, banana, toasted marshmallow, and Irish cream. We have so many choices, why pick just one!?

What is your favorite coffee?
Believe or not, I am not much of a coffee drinker! When I DO get coffee, I like mochas (dark chocolate especially) or vanilla iced coffee. However, I prefer our chai tea lattes, strawberry banana smoothies, and milkshakes!

What is your most treasured possession and why?
My cats, Tiger and Felix, are my most treasured possessions. Pets are such good friends; they are loyal and loving and keep me laughing.

What living person would you most like to meet?
JK Rowling. I love the Harry Potter books and I think she is a genius of our age

If you had unlimited time and money, where would you like to travel?
I have always wanted to go to Australia because there are such unique animals and wildlife there as well as beautiful geography and landscape.

What superpower would you most like to have?
I wish that I could fly.