Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Honors Students Attend VA Tech Conference

Written by Reynolds Honor Student Kofi Riddick

As a Reynolds Honor student, over the weekend of October 13 and 14, 2017 I traveled to Virginia Tech to attend the Virginia Collegiate Honors Council planning conference. Our objective, as students, was to brainstorm ideas for a theme to be on display at the 2018 VCHC Spring conference. 

It was a marvelous experience getting to know students from other schools that shared some of the same values that I do. One of the topics of conversation that resonated with me was what it meant to be an Honors student. Of course working hard in the classroom is encouraged and expected, but we chose to dive deeper than that. My fellow students and I attempted to define "service learning". Part of the planning conference was devoted to figuring out how we could incorporate a learning project into the schedule of the Spring Conference.

I met some powerful young scholars who care about making a difference in their communities. As college students, we tend to get caught up in the world of grades and the pressure of finding a job. This conference broadened my perspective as I reflected on the importance of utilizing my degree to help others and using my profession to make an impact on those around me. Most of all, I thoroughly enjoyed being there among other top students. It made me feel as if I am on the right path and that Reynolds Honors Program is a catalyst for placing students in environments extremely conducive to higher learning. 

More about the 2017 VCHC Fall Conference 

Reynolds Honors students attended Virginia's Collegiate Honors Council Fall Conference at Virginia Tech on October 13th -14th.  Current Honors students Kofi Riddick, Meghan Clancy, Madeleine Kerns, Na Le, and Grace Swal talked with faculty from the Virginia Tech Honors College, took a tour of the campus and helped plan 2018 VCHC Spring Conference, which will be part of the larger Southern Regional Honors Council conference being held at Northern Virginia Community College in Spring 2018. The students also connected with former Reynolds Honors student, Alexander Nwogu, who is now pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. He spoke to the students about his experience on his first semester and his transition transferring to Tech. The conference brought together faculty and students from Honors programs across the state, including VCU, Virginia Weslyan, Radford, and Old Dominion University.

Photo Above: Honors Program students arriving at the VCHC Fall Conference, ready to discuss service learning and what is unique about honors.