Thursday, July 16, 2020

Reynolds Students Awarded Scholarships for High Academic Achievement

Outstanding Reynolds Community College students Abbygail Harris, Jamal Henry, and Makayla Simmons have been awarded scholarships by the Richmond Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG).

These students were selected on the basis of their high academic achievement, leadership, and commitment to community service. As recipients this year they had the additional challenges of finishing their spring semester, and completing their scholarship applications during the COVID-19 shutdowns. They will each receive a $1,900 scholarship. 

Read what how these funds will help them achieve their educational goals:

Abbygail Harris
“I am a very committed student and plan on graduating in 2021 and thanks to this scholarship, I am one step closer to reaching that goal. I will use the knowledge, skills, and expertise I gain during my time here at Reynolds to contribute to our community in the business field. Getting selected for this scholarship allows me to focus on the more important aspect of school, learning.”

Jamal Henry
"This scholarship will provide me the opportunity to take more classes a semester, while allowing me to reduce my work hours. You all have put your faith in me, and I will make sure this opportunity does not go to waste. My goal one day is to start a scholarship foundation for young business minds like myself. No business student should worry about the financial burden of school. The ACG allowed me to focus on my studies and other students one day will feel how you all made me feel with this amazing opportunity."

Makayla Simmons
"I am ecstatic and appreciative of the scholarship that will help with my upcoming fall semester to reduce my financial burden. The award motivates me to keep pushing academically to have a chance at my dream to be an entrepreneur. In the future, I would hope others would have the opportunity to receive financial support. I cannot express the gratitude in my heart, and I am very thankful for your kind gesture."

* * *

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