Monday, April 30, 2018

Reynolds Culinary Arts Student Profile

Meet Bria Crawford

What motivated you to study culinary arts?
My mom mainly motivated me to study culinary arts. My mom saw that I was passionate about cooking food at an early age. She suggested that I attend culinary school when I graduated high school. I of course resisted at the time but I now see she was right all along. 

Where are you in your culinary studies?
I am currently beginning my Externship for culinary arts and entering my final capstone class beginning in the summer semester. I am also three classes away from obtaining my pastry arts degree. 

What are you working on now?
Currently I am working with Chef Matt Harris at Travinia at Willow Lawn to develop my skills as a chef. He is training me in everything from line and prep work to the financials of running a restaurant. 

What is your favorite task as a culinary student?
My favorite task as a culinary student is participating in the local volunteer events. I really enjoy networking with local industry professionals and learning about events that I never knew existed before joining the program. 

What is your favorite ingredient?
My favorite ingredient right now is alcohol. I enjoy experimenting with how the addition of alcohol can make the flavors of a dish taste more complex.

Do you have a “signature dish”?
My signature dish would be Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes with a White Wine Mushroom Cream Sauce. It’s the dish that my family has me make for every major holiday. 

What would you most like to do in culinary arts when you graduate?  
My immediate goal after graduation is just to continue to learn and grow under various chefs in the industry. Ultimately, I want to own several restaurants in various cities around the US. 

What is your favorite restaurant in Richmond?
My favorite restaurant in Richmond is Secret Sandwich Society. They are a from scratch kitchen. Their pimento cheese fries with a side of roasted garlic mayo is the best!

What would you tell other potential students interested in studying culinary arts at Reynolds?
If you are passionate about learning culinary or pastry arts, I believe Reynolds has the best program in Richmond. Chef Miller is very passionate about giving us the best education in the city. The program is a lot of hard work so definitely make sure that this is something that you truly want to do.