Monday, July 18, 2016

From Reynolds to VCU - Meet Sofia Duarte

I have had the pleasure of interviewing yet another extraordinary student, Ms. Sofia Duarte, whom was an exemplary engineering student and will now be proceeding on to VCU. She describes her experiences as a student here at Reynolds Community College, from the classroom to her extracurricular activities.
Sofia spoke at the 2016 Reynolds Graduation ceremony

D.C : What was the toughest part of your transition from high school to Reynolds?

S.D : I think the toughest part in my transition from high school to Reynolds was learning to learn on my own. There is less time spent in class but more time spent on studying the material out of class and that is something that can take time adjusting to.

D.C : What was your major at Reynolds?.

S.D : I majored in engineering at Reynolds and am going on to VCU in fall 2016 to pursue my bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering.

D.C : I heard you have been very involved in student engagement while at Reynolds. What organizations are you engaged with and tell me what it was like to be at Reynolds before you got so involved in activities and what it is like now?

S.D : I have had the pleasure to be a Student Ambassador, Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and a tutor at the Academic Support Center here at the college. Coming out of high school I knew I want to be involved on campus in college. I have to say that before getting involved in activities I felt less motivated to stay on campus and did not have as many friends, but after I starting getting involved, I have made many friendships and have had many amazing opportunities and experiences by being involved.

D.C : I heard you have taken some Learning Community classes. What have you taken and how have they worked out for you? Would you recommend them to other students, and if so, why?

S.D : Although I did not personally take Learning Community classes, I have spoken with students that have and I have only heard positive feedback from the experiences they have had. If you are a student that likes to see a link between subject matters, this is an excellent opportunity for you.

D.C : What advice would you give to someone that is taking Learning Community classes?

S.D : Be engaged with your classmates and see how you can apply to what you are learning beyond the classroom.

D.C : If you had one piece of advice for a Reynolds student, what would it be and why?

S.D : Make the most of each opportunity you get whether it be a position, scholarship, or even getting to know your instructors and advisors because they can definitely give you pointers on how to be successful. 

D.C : How have you seen Reynolds change during your stay here?

S.D : I have seen people become more engaged at Reynolds. It was especially a great year for Phi Theta Kappa as we kick-started a program called IMPACT (Individuals Making Positive Accomplishments and Challenging Themselves) geared toward getting first year students involved in the clubs and activities here at Reynolds.

D.C : What are you going to miss the most about Reynolds?

S.D : Where do I even begin?! I am going to miss the faculty and staff I got to work with throughout my time as a Student Ambassador as well as those I was able to help during SOAR (Student Orientation Advising and Registration) who I now see becoming leaders at Reynolds.

D.C : What do you hope to major in at your next institution, what career path are you considering, and where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years? 

S.D : I am hoping to major in electrical engineering and thereafter enter the workforce to put my passion toward the problem-solving and design aspect to overcome trials to making a more sustainable and innovative environment for all to live in while looking toward going back to for Graduate School if I decide to go into research.

Story provided by Dylan Chaplin - While at Reynolds, Dylan served as a PR Assistant as well as a Student Ambassador. He also served as the Vice-President of The H.E.A.R.T Service, which is a community service and civic engagement club designed to create connections between Reynolds and its surrounding communities. During his first two semesters at Reynolds he successfully completed the college's Leadership Program, JSR LEAD.  In his spare time he likes to blog.