Thursday, November 30, 2017

Two Community College Initiatives Set to Serve Veterans

Reynolds Community College Veterans Resource Center
The Reynolds Veterans Resource Center was recently recognized by the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) as part of the Commonwealth’s VERITAS program (Veteran Education Resource Initiative for Transition, Advising and Success). Reynolds is one of seven community colleges in Virginia to house a Veterans Resource Center.

(L to R: Reynolds Veterans Coordinator Herman West, VERITAS Liaison Chequana Boisseau, Reynolds President Dr. Gary Rhodes)

“These centers are a central hub for all veteran activities on campus. They are a quiet place for students to study; and they enable veterans to connect with each other, helping them renew the bonds of military service,” says VCCS Chancellor Glenn DuBois.
Other community colleges included in the VERITAS program are Germanna, John Tyler, Northern Virginia, Thomas Nelson, Tidewater and Virginia Western.

 Credits2Careers – New VCCS Online Portal for Veterans and Military Students

Thanks to a new portal created by the VCCS, veterans and military students will now have an easier time earning credit for prior learning. Credits2Careers will allow veterans and service members to upload their Joint Services Transcript to see instantly how their experience can translate into academic credits at more than 1,700 community college programs.  The portal also provides real-time employment information and enables users to explore civilian careers related to their area of expertise or interest. Credits2Careers can be accessed at
“Today’s announcement means our community colleges are the only college system in the nation with this comprehensive, patent-pending tool,” said Virginia Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs Carlos Hopkins. “The Credits2Careers online tool will make it easier than ever before for our men and women in uniform to find a career path to transition from their service to civilian life. This portal will save individuals time, money, and hassle as they look for an accelerated way into the civilian workforce.”
Virginia’s Community Colleges served 36,868 veterans and military-related students last year. This tool positions the colleges to attract and help even more of these students.
To find out more about the Reynolds Veterans Resource Center, visit or call the center at 523-5656.