Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reynolds hosts start of the semester events

Reynolds is hosting numerous events the first week of classes to welcome students to each of its campuses.  

 “Welcome Back Parties”, that have been a long standing tradition held by Student Life, give students the opportunity to meet their peers and have a little fun while preparing for the start of the new fall semester.   Students are treated to a myriad of activities, free items and food such as music, caricature artist, tattoos, snow cones, cotton candy and popcorn just to name a few.

Student Life Specialist Jackie Manley believes that the Welcome Back Parties are an excellent way to get the school year off to a good start.  “The Welcome Back event is all about enjoying the college and the campus and meeting new people,” said Manley. “The only thing I want students to take away from this, is that although we want them to take care of their academics, they can still have fun while they’re here too.” 
Counselor for Student Life Cara Luyster echoed those sentiments stating that Reynolds has a wide variety of fun and activities that will be available to students throughout the school year.  “We want students to know there are fun activities like this going on at Reynolds,” said Luyster. “Some students come and don’t expect activities like this to be happening here, so we want to advertise about Student Life, upcoming events, clubs and leadership programs - there are a lot of different opportunities here that they maybe didn’t anticipate.”

While attending the “Welcome Back Party” on Parham Road Campus, second semester student Stephanie Agudelo said the event was certainly worth a look for students.  “There’s some great people out here and they’re really nice,” said Agudelo.  “There’s some free stuff here and it’s nice to get free stuff every once in a while.”

For more information about upcoming Student Life events, visit or contact the Office of Student Life at (804) 371-3000.

 This article was provide by Reynolds Communications Intern Derric Cushman. Derric is working on his master's degree at the University of Oklahoma. He is a graduate from the University of North Carolina Charlotte and served as a Navy Mass Communication Specialist where he worked with print journalism, photography and public affairs as well as TV and radio broadcasting at the Defense Information School (DINFOS) at Fort Meade, MD. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Keeping North Run Creek Beautiful

Reynolds library specialist member KC Frankenburger provided the following blog story.    

Did you know that North Run Creek snakes along the property line of Reynolds’ Parham Road Campus? All along the path you’ll find informational signs that were originally put up by DCR (Department of Conservation and Recreation) and approximately 2 miles of trails that follow the creek line and zig zag through the surrounding woods and fields. Not only is this peaceful, mostly shade-covered trail available to Reynolds students, faculty and staff, but it’s also available to the public every day!

Click here to read the full story 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Faculty marketing campaign targets students on campus

When students at PRC return to campus this fall, they will be greeted by several faculty portraits strategically positioned near key student services areas like Admissions & Records, Enrollment Services, and Financial Aid. As phase one of a faculty marketing campaign, the personal testimonials and portraits are the result of research conducted by SIR (Southeastern Institute of Research) when refreshing the Reynolds brand in 2013. Research showed that student satisfaction with Reynolds increased dramatically after students attended class and learned that Reynolds is home to outstanding professors.  

These faculty portraits are designed to welcome families and perspective students, new to Reynolds, who may otherwise not know about the rich diversity and seasoned faculty among our three campuses. Returning students may also enjoy seeing their professors featured at the campus they attend. When more funding becomes available, a second round of faculty profiles featuring additional academic programs and schools will take place for inclusion at the Downtown and Goochland campuses.
Special thanks to the first round of faculty featured for publicly sharing their passion for Reynolds, and being willing participants in a creative strategic marketing campaign: Ashley Bourne-Richardson, Miles McCrimmon, Jesse Miller, Ramzi Ockaili, Pamela Ratliff, Bruce Sofinski, and Monteque Williams. 

New Reynolds Graduate Sara Mays Challenges Other Nursing alumni to Give Back

Even though Sara Mays just graduated in May 2016, she’s wasting no time in giving back to Reynolds and encouraging her fellow Nursing alumni to do the same. Posting on Facebook, Sara wrote, “New grads: I charge you to help out future Nursing students. With the first paycheck as an RN, pay some bills, save a little, celebrate a little. With the second, I urge you to give to the NCLEX Challenge (especially if you benefited from it) - a fund that helps graduating Reynolds nursing students pay for the NCLEX and state licensure." Donations to the NCLEX Challenge help graduates sit for the NCLEX-RN exam while the classroom material and clinical experiences are still fresh. 

Thanks and congratulations to Sara. She passed her boards a few weeks ago and has landed a job as an ICU nurse in Missouri, where she lives with her husband.

Giving to the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Educational Foundation provides much-needed and appreciated support for Reynolds programs and students. Making an online gift is easy and secure. Visit