Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Meet Sergeant William Judon - 

Police Sergeant, CIT Officer*, RAD Instructor**, Reynolds Department of Police

How long have you worked at Reynolds and what are your responsibilities as a Reynolds Police Officer? 
I've worked at Reynolds Community College since 2000. I originally started in a work study position in the library before accepting a part time position doing audio-visual within the Department of Technology at the Parham Road Campus. Currently, I'm the evening shift supervisor located at the Downtown Campus. 
My additional responsibilities include teaching the women’s self defense course here and at other colleges, Crisis Intervention Instructor, and working special events with the police department’s DUI simulator. 

What do you like best about working at Reynolds? 
Interacting with students, faculty, and staff. 

What do you like best about working in law enforcement?  
Over the years I’ve manage to see a number of individuals that I’ve interacted with that have made mistakes at the college, either come back to finish what they’ve started or pursue other worthy endeavors. It’s always a great feeling to see them striving towards positive goals. 

What was the best advice you were given when you looked at going into the law enforcement field? 
A retired New York Police detective told me to stay grounded when dealing with any individual from a murderer to a regular citizen, and remember the motto of Police is to Protect Others Lives In Case Emergency. 

We know you like to grill and BBQ – what is your favorite thing to grill and give us your favorite grilling tip? 
Favorite cut of meat to smoke would be brisket. Two favorite tips would be to take your time and enjoy the process - most people don’t take the time to get whatever wood used down to coals. When smoking make sure that the smoke coming from your grill is a thin blue smoke as opposed to white, or gray which could lead to a bitter taste. 

We heard you like to go on cruises - how many cruises have you been on and what would be your dream cruise? 
My wife and I have gone on six cruises together. Currently we are waiting for our son to grow up to take him and experience the different states. 

Any future cruises scheduled? 
Not at this time. 

Any other hobbies other than grilling and cruising? 
Currently a group of friends and I are preparing to start our youth basketball league. 60 youth between the ages of 13-17, practice and play a season in Henrico County’s east end. We’ve managed this league for 10 plus seasons from December to February. Every child that has played in our league does so free of charge. 

If you won the $100,000,000 lottery, what would be the first thing you would do with the money? 
I would invest in three things: my son’s education, my master’s martial arts school, and our youth basketball league. 

What would be the one superpower you wished you had?
I’ve always loved Marvel comics’ characters in my youth, so I would want to have Wolverine’s healing factor.

* CII = Crisis Intervention Instructor
** RAD = Rape, Aggression, Defense Instructor