Friday, January 18, 2013

My Day at the Virginia General Assembly

We started out early to go to the general assembly and talk up J Sergeant Reynolds and all the good things it has done for us. Even though it was rainy and cold we made our to the state library and listen to the president of the VCCS speak about what we are here to do at the general assembly. I was asked, along with a couple of my fellow classmates to visit some delegates. We first visited Delegate Loupassi, then Delegate Betsy Carr. We had a great laugh with Delegate Riley Ingram who had many stories to tell about his 30 odd years as a house of delegates member. Unfortunately Senator McDougle was not able to meet with us in person but we did get our message across to his aide.  We went to the Capitol building where we were recognized by Delegate Carr and able to stand for recognition..that was really cool!!! After that it was time for lunch thanks for the Padows Deli luncheon J Sargeant was a very excited day!!

Ali Brown
Respiratory Therapy student class 2013