Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Meet Reynolds Culinary Arts Student

Emmanuel Finnell

What motivated you to study culinary arts?
I have always been impressed with culinary art, baking specifically.

Where are you in your culinary studies?
Right now in my culinary studies I’m near the end in 2019.

What are you working on now? 
Right now I am perfecting my craft in baking.

What is your favorite task as a culinary student?
My favorite task is learning the inside of the business.

What is your favorite ingredient? 
My favorite ingredients for everything is vanilla. 

Do you have a “signature dish”?
My signature dish is lemon bars and ginger snaps because I served those to the governor. He said, and I quote, "They were better than the ones at the Governor's mansion."

What would you most like to do in culinary arts when you graduate? 
After I graduate I’ll plan on opening up my own bakery.

What is your favorite restaurant in Richmond?
Lady n'awlins.

What would you tell other potential students interested in studying culinary arts at Reynolds?
I would tell them to never give up, even though it is hard, and to follow their dreams and goals.