Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Meet Sarah Smith - Student Life Specialist

How long have you worked at Reynolds?
I have worked here exactly 1 year (Seriously, I started on January 10 2017!!!)

Where did you work before coming here?
I worked at Thomas Nelson CC, Old Dominion University and Christopher Newport University

Why did you decide to work in Student Life?
I decided to work in Student Life, because I knew after speaking with Cara and Jackie that we all had a similar vision to help create educational experiences for students. My goal has always been to help students get to where they want to be, and try and work around any barriers that may hinder them from getting the education they want. I knew that the leadership, educational, social, recreational and various other opportunities that we provide students, help them grow and learn outside of the classroom and potentially help them get to where they want to be! 

What do you like best about Reynolds?
I get to interact with tons of students on campus, and I really like how diverse the student population is at Reynolds. Each time I interact with a student, I learn something new and I appreciate that students here are willing to share experiences with me.

We heard you recently completed a marathon – what motivated you to run a marathon?
It was my second, and I really wanted to run the Richmond Marathon specifically, because the course is amazing and it showcases some amazing parts of RVA! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to run a race around my favorite city. 

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to run, hike, kayak and be outside all the time!

What is your favorite restaurant in Richmond?
This is the hardest question!!! I'm going to go with Lunch or Supper - because it has a great brunch and dinner menu!

What is your favorite food?
Tacos! Continental Divide and Asado have the best tacos in Richmond!

Where was your favorite vacation?
Panama! Most of my family lives there, and it's a beautiful country.

Who is the one person that influenced you the most when growing up?
My mom was my role model and a still is today.

What is the oddest job you have ever had?
In grad school I was a Secret Shopper for Papa John's. It was awesome, because I got free pizza and a little spending money.

If you won the $100,000,000 lottery what would you do with the winnings?
I would donate a lot of it to charities, public schools and national parks. I would buy my mom a beach house and make her retire early, because she works too hard! I would pay my student loans off and get my PhD.

If you could be a super hero, who would it be?
Wonder Woman.