Thursday, November 13, 2014

Reynolds partners With VCU Humphrey Fellows Program

In collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University, a partnership has been formed granting Reynolds Community College the opportunity to become an Associate Campus Partner of the Humphrey Fellows Program.
The Humphrey Fellowship Program, a division of the Fulbright Fellowship of the U.S. Department of State, brings talented researchers and scholars from throughout the world to American colleges and universities for exchange and scholarship.

“This opportunity allows Reynolds faculty and students to interact and engage with the visiting Fellows in order to learn about their areas of specialization - especially those areas that are also part of curricula here, including healthcare, social work, substance abuse and so forth,” noted Reynolds professor Ghazala Hashmi who is serving as the college’s liaison with the VCU Program.

VCU is currently hosting 11 residential scholars and researchers in 2014 – 2015.

“The Fellows are also considered to be cultural ambassadors of their countries, and so they are interested in sharing information about their respective cultures and societies,” Hashmi added. “The Fellows have already participated in some individual (Reynolds) classes – as guest speakers – and they have served on a panel for the VCCS Peer Conference on Nursing and Health. The benefits to the students, especially in the areas of the Fellows’ expertise, are the opportunities to gain a global perspective on critical concerns. We want to help students to understand that these concerns may be local and regional, but they are also very clearly international.”

Reynolds plans to use the program to promote the furtherance of scholarly study and cultural recognition by bringing together academic researchers and scholars from a variety of backgrounds. The partnership will also provide Reynolds with prominent guest speakers and an even higher quality learning environment for the students.

“Many students have not had the opportunity to travel outside of the United States, and these guest lecturers help community college students to see the broader scope of contemporary issues,” said Hashmi. “Inclusion of outside perspectives also helps our students to develop an understanding of the skills and resources that they may need to develop personally in order to be more engaged and competitive in the career fields they have selected.”

            Any faculty interested in learning more, or in having a Humphrey Fellow speak during a class or at a campus-wide event, you can reference, or contact Professor Hashmi at