Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Maintaining a Safe Reynolds Community

Our campus police department plans a Safety Day Fair every year with its goal being to educate the college on personal safety, criminal minds, and warning signs. This year’s event has been a work in-progress since the previous Safety Day Fair in September 2013. In order to organize the event, Sgt. Kimberly Talley-Bryant reached out to several departments in the surrounding counties requesting their attendance.
The agencies that participated in this year’s Safety Day included: Henrico Police and Fire Department, Chesterfield Police and Fire, Richmond Police Department, Hanover Sheriff Department, Steven Conlon with the FBI National Academy, and Dana Schrad with Virginia Associations of Chiefs of Police.

Our department uses the community policing model to create partnerships with students, faculty and staff,” noted Sgt. Talley-Bryant. “We recognize the importance of partnerships and collaboration and hope to bring awareness to our college about the dangerous effects of alcohol, distracted driving (texting) and driving under the influence of alcohol, personal safety and protection as well as sexual assault, dating, and domestic violence.”

This year’s Safety Day offered a texting-while-driving simulator, special guests that spoke on safety, and several tables hosted by representatives from the various agencies in attendance.

Students flocked to the many tables for information on safe habits, information on the agencies, and career opportunities - the representatives from each agency were more than happy to provide answers to questions and other information requested by the students.

Our campus police has done an excellent job on a day-to-day basis making the Reynolds community a very safe to work, study, and grow.
Reynolds student Dylan Chaplin - Dylan is serving as a PR Assistant this summer as well as a Student Ambassador in the fall. He also served as the Vice-President of The H.E.A.R.T Service, which is a community service and civic engagement club designed to create connections between Reynolds and its surrounding communities. During his first two semesters at Reynolds he successfully completed the college's Leadership Program, JSR LEAD. In his spare time he likes to blog.