Monday, March 30, 2020

Reynolds Professor Creates an Audio Diary 

to Document the COVID-19 Crisis

During the COVID-19 crisis Assistant Professor of Paralegal Studies Melissa Ansley Brooks has been keeping an audio diary that was recently featured on VPM.

VPM is Virginia Public Media, the local PBS station.

Here is an excerpt from Melissa's audio diary:

Monday March 16, 2020 7:52 PM 

This is the end of day one of social isolation. We made it through on a wing and a prayer. I did all the recommended things today, perhaps they were not meant to be done all in one day because I'm feeling physically and emotionally exhausted, working full time from home and trying this homeschool thing and still being a loving and attentive mother and all the things. I'm just kind of feeling the weight of it today. 

So, like I said, I'm really going to rethink what I try to accomplish for tomorrow, and give myself a little bit more grace, and a little bit more space to figure all this out. I think we're all just trying our best. I was able to speak to my Grammy today who is 91 living in an assisted living facility in Iowa, where she's on complete lockdown and not even receiving mail at this point, and taking all of her meals in her room. But she did tell us about a game we can play where you hide a button in the house and go look around So we might put that on the roster for tomorrow. For now, we're just gonna pack it in and call it a night.

You can hear Melissa's complete audio diaries via VPM's Soundcloud page.