Thursday, August 1, 2019

Outstanding Scholarship Student Series: 

Janeen McNeish

150 Scholarships. 427 Awards.

One Application. You can do this.

Last year the Reynolds Foundation funded approximately 150 scholarships, and made awards to 427 students of all ages, backgrounds, and academic standing and interests.

We believe in you. Just like we believed in Kiersten Echols, Janeen McNeish, Katherine Alloway-Roof, and Mark AlexanderThey got scholarships to help fund their education. You can, too.

Janeen McNeish

“I want to put people under,” Janeen McNeish confesses with a smile. “Putting people under” is Janeen’s way of describing the years of study, dedication, and hard work – not to mention finances – it will take for her to become a Nurse Anesthesiologist.

First she has to get her BSN, then work as an ICU Nurse for more than a year, and then, and only then, can she apply for VCU’s Nurse Anesthesiology program, the number one program of its kind in the country.

But that’s all okay with Janeen. She is as bold as a lightning strike, and as focused as a laser. She has her path mapped out – with her first stop: Reynolds. 
Janeen came from a large family with the “healthcare gene”, but she never saw herself in that career. “I couldn’t stand the sight of blood,” she laughs, “and there I was: a full-on adult with a full-on adult job. I was doing accident investigations, and there was blood. I asked myself: ‘do I want to do this job forever?’ and decided maybe ‘blood is not that bad’ and maybe I could be a nurse.” Janeen researched her career path and came across Reynolds. “I’d lived in Richmond most of my life and didn’t know about Reynolds. It was the perfect choice.” 

In her orientation session, even before attending her first class, Janeen learned about a special partnership with ODU that would let her graduate from Reynolds with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). It would be ambitious, rigorous, and expensive, but she was all in. If she was going to do it, she would give it 100%. 

Then Janeen learned about Reynolds scholarships. And, she applied. “Reynolds gave me the launch pad I needed to get to where I wanted to go. And I jumped on.” Janeen was awarded the Executive Women International (EWI) scholarship, set up specifically for older students, female and male,  who want to go back to school. The scholarship doesn’t cover everything. Janeen works long hours as a Care Partner in VCU’s Cardio-Thoracic unit, but the money will help relieve the financial burden and allow her to focus on her studies.

“In my first year at Reynolds I really put myself out there. I’d didn’t want to be known just as ‘Janeen the Nursing Student’, I wanted to make a difference while I was here. I explored everything. Career Services. Student Life. The clubs and organizations. I didn’t know anyone, then suddenly I knew everyone. I became an Ambassador, and a source of information. If you want to enjoy your college experience, I say, get involved.”

No doubt, if you ever have to be “put under,” Nurse Anesthesiologist Janeen McNeish is the one you want on the job.

Want to apply for a Reynolds scholarship?

The Scholarship Application opens Sunday, December 1, 2019 and closes Sunday, March 1, 2020.

You can apply for a scholarship through the Reynolds General Scholarship Program or through the Community Highlight: Reynolds East End Scholarship Program. 

The Scholarship Application opens Sunday, December 1, 2019 and close Sunday, March 1, 2020. A wide variety of scholarships are available. Some are general, others are for specific programs of study, or are for students living in a particular locality. Current and prospective students can complete and submit one common scholarship application to be considered for all available scholarships. For more information visit:

Reynolds General Scholarship Program
Reynolds Community College offers a variety of scholarships to students with diverse interests and backgrounds. Each year the Reynolds Scholarship Office awards more than half a million dollars in scholarships to eligible students. Awards can range from $100 to $4,000, with the average award being $1,500.  Reynolds scholarships are established by gifts to the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Educational Foundation and awarded by the Reynolds Scholarship Committee.
Community Highlight: Reynolds East End Scholarship
If you live in the East End of the City of Richmond or Henrico County you may be eligible for a scholarship this scholarship. With more than 90 degree and workforce programs, including culinary arts, healthcare, and other credentials for immediate employment or 4-year transfer, Reynolds has a program for you. There is no age limit. Reynolds staff members are available to help with your admission and financial aid applications.