Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lynette Goode: Determined to Succeed and Help Others

The opportunity to attend college and have a successful career and family can signify the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for some people.  In order to achieve that dream, there is an expectation that certain sacrifices involving time and effort will need to be made.  For some people, even more may be required in the pursuit of the American Dream. 

                Reynolds alumna Lynette R. Goode knows all about the many hardships that people can encounter while pursuing that American Dream.  Although Lynette has enjoyed success as an author, motivational speaker and CEO of her own non-profit organization; she has encountered a litany of obstacles in pursuit of her goals and dreams. 

                Lynette has suffered with obesity throughout her life, stemming from her childhood years and into her adulthood.  This eventually led to bouts of depression and overall failing health because of her weight.  This prompted Lynette to pursue gastric bypass surgery.  Complications from the gastric bypass surgery required Lynette to have 48 separate surgeries over the next 12 years to correct the numerous issues she received from the gastric bypass. 

                Unfortunately, due to the numerous surgical procedures Lynette had to endure, she became addicted to opiates.  Lynette was able to persevere though and beat her opiate addiction while continuing to better herself by continuing with her studies and career as well as becoming a wife and mother.

                Lynette’s personal struggles with weight loss and opiates motivated her to take classes in Substance Abuse Counseling at Reynolds which she credits with some of the success she’s had in her career.  “Reynolds offered everything I wanted to do to help people that struggled with some of things that I have dealt with during the last twelve years of my life.”

During her time at Reynolds, Lynette earned a Substance Abuse Counseling Education Certificate followed by a Human Service Associate degree in 2014. This ultimately led to the development of Lynette’s non-profit organization Drugs, Education, Obesity and Nutrition (DEON) which provides scholarships to at-risk youth and brings awareness to childhood obesity. Lynette also uses the book she wrote “Determined to Live” as a way to share her struggles with people experiencing the same issues that she has encountered with obesity and depression throughout her life.

                  Lynette is a graduate of Southampton High school in Courtland, Virginia and lists among her many accomplishments her marriage to husband Tyrone and being a good mother to her daughter Tiffany.  Lynette also has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Virginia Union University and serves as a board member for a myriad of community organizations.

                Lynette says that if there is one thing she could share with Reynolds students, it is to never give up on your dreams. Her motto is a simple one ““Always Keep Faith and Hope Alive”.

 This article was provided by Reynolds Communications Intern Derric Cushman. Derric recently completed his master's degree at the University of Oklahoma. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Charlotte and served as a Navy Mass Communication Specialist where he worked with print journalism, photography and public affairs as well as TV and radio broadcasting at the Defense Information School (DINFOS) at Fort Meade, MD.