Thursday, June 11, 2015

Annual North Run Creek Clean-up

Recently a team of about a dozen Reynolds volunteers gathered on the Parham Road Campus to spend their morning collecting trash and other pollutants from the North Run Creek and surrounding Nature Trail. The creek is a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.

Each spring the college holds an event to clear debris from the North Run Creek,  partnering with other local, municipal and state agencies in working to ensure our streams and rivers are clean by reducing the pollutants that reach our waterways. 

Buildings and Grounds Manager Matthew Thompson put out a call for volunteers a few days before the scheduled cleaning day and a willing team quickly gathered.  

Despite the forecast for rain, the weather cooperated as the group collected non-biodegradable items including plastic bottles, plastic bags and other pollutants. The larger items collected included two tires. 

Thompson noted, “Reynolds has a beautiful Nature Trail which I invite everyone to one day take a tour and enjoy.  The volunteers had a great time working together and I appreciate the willingness of each participate and their enthusiastic mindset to make a difference in the appearance and well-being of our Campus ground waterways.”  

As members of the Reynolds community we all have the responsibility to protect our environment and waterways. Besides, a clean stream is a much more enjoyable sight!