Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reynolds to JMU? Yes, she can help with that

Regina Adams, JMU Transfer Advisor

James Madison University serves as one of the best and most diverse universities in Virginia. For students that have considered or planned on attending JMU, they might have heard of Ms. Regina Adams. Ms. Adams serves as the JMU transfer advisor for all students at Reynolds Community College, John Tyler Community College, and Germanna Community College. Originally she was a transfer advisor just for Reynolds, until last summer JMU announced they would have advisors in Northern Virginia and all Richmond area community colleges. Since then she has been enthusiastically assisting community college students throughout the Richmond area plan and execute their transfer to JMU. 

She advises all students whom aim for JMU to start planning, researching, and advising with her in their first semester, because JMU requires certain courses. Besides the course requirements, JMU requires all students to maintain a solid 3.0 GPA or higher for admittance. Most students whom receive advising are mostly concerned about paying for their time at JMU, but she tells them to rest easy because there are plenty of scholarship and other financial aid opportunities available for them. As long as students have planned their transfer step-by-step, completed the courses required, and maintained a 3.0 GPA the transfer process to JMU will be a smooth process.

Ms. Adams says that all students whom have successfully transferred to JMU have had an extremely positive experience during their time there, including her own son who is now an alumni. JMU offers an engaging community, staff, and faculty who care about all their students and wish for them to succeed. All programs at JMU provide hands-on experience to give their students an edge in the job market. The university has also won several awards for the community service initiatives provided to their students. 

All in all, Ms. Adams will not only make the transfer process smoother for you, but she will present outstandingly comprehensive guides to assist in career and program decisions. If you are a student looking to transfer to JMU, make an appointment with Regina Adams today! She can be reached at adamsrx@jmu.edu.

 Reynolds student Dylan Chaplin - Dylan is serving as a PR Assistant this summer as well as a Student Ambassador in the fall. He also served as the Vice-President of The H.E.A.R.T Service, which is a community service and civic engagement club designed to create connections between Reynolds and its surrounding communities. During his first two semesters at Reynolds he successfully completed the college's Leadership Program, JSR LEAD.  In his spare time he likes to blog.