Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reynolds Change Agents: Apple Spice Junction

Mac Purrington, CeAnn Cottingham, and Jamar Johnson of Apple Spice Junction

You’ve seen the van on campus.  With the Apple Spice Junction logo emblazoned on the sides, it’s usually filled with delicious catered breakfasts or lunches, providing precious fuel for meetings and gatherings. It turns out that as we’ve been watching the Apple Spice staff hard at work, they’ve been keeping their eyes on us, too. “We’ve seen two buildings go up at Parham since we’ve been here,” says owner Mac Purrington. “We’ve watched the Downtown Campus get renovated. We go out to Goochland, too.  The growth has been amazing. We opened not long after Dr. Rhodes got here. Judy Harris was one of our first customers, and it’s been a great relationship ever since.”   

A testament to that relationship is Mac Purrington’s decision to donate five percent of the eatery’s December 5th sales to benefit the Reynolds scholarship students. “Giving back is the right thing to do; the challenge is deciding to whom.  We get requests every week.  You have to find the right opportunity. It has to be something that speaks to you and your employees, something that speaks to your business.  I like that the scholarship students are hand-picked. You know they’re going to use the money and not squander the opportunity.”   

Staff and faculty who participated in the Apple Spice Junction day helped bring in nearly $800! Our scholarship students – and the faculty and staff who support them – are hardworking and dedicated. Just like the deliciously talented team at Apple Spice Junction.