Thursday, May 2, 2013

Community Room unveiled at Goochland Campus Garden Party

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College continues to fulfill its commitment to be a good neighbor with the recent opening of the Goochland Campus community room.

Decorated by the Goochland Historical Society, the community room is a 2,145-square foot multifunction room available to host public gatherings and corporate meetings.

“(JSRCC President) Dr. Rhodes came to one of our Goochland Rotary meetings to announce that the college had renamed the campus from the Western Campus to the Goochland Campus and wanted to know how we could make the campus Goochland’s clubhouse,” noted Goochland Historical Society President Wayne Dementi.

The grand opening “Garden Party” held on April 26 attracted over 100 visitors from the Goochland community to view the renovated space first-hand that includes a static display area maintained by the Goochland Historical Society.

“The large mural on the wall features a number of photos that help celebrate the college’s partnership with our community, including pictures from the local YMCA, the Goochland Free Clinic and Family Services and many local faces I am sure you will recognize,” noted Dementi.

Along with the opening of the community room, the college showcased a newly renovated student activity center that will include interactive games, televisions and vending machines that students can enjoy during their break from classes.

“It was a total team effort from the community,” noted Goochland Historical Society Executive Director Phyllis Silber.

“I want you to think of it as “our” college,” added Rhodes addressing the audience. “I hope you use this space so much that you wear it out and we have to replace the furniture.”

For information about reserving the community room, contact Pam McGinty at (804) 523-5933 or

Watch the video here:    Goochland Garden Party